In this episode of Into the Fray, host Erik Mansur, VP of Product Marketing at Crayon is joined by Ryan Law, VP of Content at Animalz.

This episode's guest doesn’t do product marketing for a living. He’s not an expert in win/loss analysis, and competitive intelligence isn’t something that he lists as a skill on his LinkedIn profile.

Ryan's literally an authority on all things content marketing, and in this episode, he discusses the other side of the competitive intelligence transaction - how he receives and internalizes great insights about rival solutions and the ways that he uses that data to his advantage.

Key talking points

During their discussion, Erik puts key areas of discussion under the microscope, including:

  • The extent to which competitor activity influences content marketing strategies.
  • Whether strategies change depending on the size of a competitor.
  • How often Ryan looks at competition and the broader market when it comes to creating content.
  • Whether knowing about a potential client’s competitors helps with sales pitching.

Plus much more...

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