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Going from 0 to 1: How to be a 1 person PMM army

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Watch this OnDemand

In this session, Sophie & Nupur will be discussing how you can be a one person PMM army, their chat will cover:

  • Where to start: getting up to speed on the product, market, and buyers
  • Key deliverables to focus on in the first 30/60/90 days
  • Key stakeholder relationships to build and processes to develop
  • Key skills to look for in your first hire

About the speaker

Sophie Asher currently leads Product & Customer Marketing at Productboard. She started her career in global GTM strategy at Salesforce before moving to Twilio where she launched the programs for customer marketing, executive events, advisory boards, sales enablement, solution marketing, and product launches. Sophie has spent significant time working with international teams on global GTM strategies. She is passionate about crafting narratives around technical products and bringing new products to market. She is also a certified yoga instructor, avid art aficionado, and runner.

Watch this OnDemand

Meet your host

Nupur Vilas Bhade, Sr. Group Manager, Platform & Solutions @ Twilio Inc.

Nupur is a Sr. Group Manager, Product Marketing at Twilio. She's done product marketing for AdTech, HRTech, and PaaS companies. She currently leads Product Marketing for the Developer Experience and Consumer Trust business units at Twilio.

Her PMM path is unique - she holds a bachelor's degree in Telecommunication Engineering and a masters in management from Dartmouth College. When she's not in the office, she's spreading the Twilio magic at events and conferences.

Follow her on Twitter: @nupur_vbhade.

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Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance

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Going from 0 to 1: How to be a 1 person PMM army