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How to improve your writing competency, with ZoomInfo


A little bit about Emily

As the Content Lead for Product GTM, Emily supports all (25+) ZoomInfo solutions, products, and features by creating ad-hoc and product launch materials.

She also ensures that messaging is effectively communicated for each product, across each medium, including website copy, case studies, third-party marketplace copy, one-pagers, pitch decks, ebooks, guides, and more.

Key talking points

  • What good content looks like
  • Advice for writing effective content
  • How to appeal to a broad audience
  • Differentiating content in saturated markets
  • How to identify the most effective form of content for your business
  • Common mistakes PMMs make when writing content
  • Key steps when creating content
  • The role of content in go-to-market strategies

And much more...

Get involved

Are you interested in appearing as a guest on our other podcast series,  Product Marketing Life? Contact Rose and register your interest: rose@pmmalliance.com.

Written by:

Lawrence Chapman

Lawrence Chapman

Lawrence is our Copywriter here at PMA who loves crafting content to keep readers informed, entertained, and enthralled. He's always open to feedback and would be thrilled to hear from you!

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How to improve your writing competency, with ZoomInfo