Judy Chang, Geospatial Sales Engineer at Nearmap, decided to Get Certified after discovering the course via the Director of Global Product Marketing at her company.

In this case study, we’ll focus on:

Judy’s motivation

At the time of her enrollment, Judy Chang was keen to instill further product marketing principles into her role as a Sales Engineer. When she scoped out potential courses to help her understand core product marketing topics, she identified Product Marketing Core as the stand-out option and signed up.

“I wanted to learn about product marketing and steer my career towards this field.

“From being a Sales Engineer, I realized I especially enjoy the part of my job where I do customer and use case discovery and analysis. I wanted to further my skills to help drive sales.

“As product marketing was new to me I was looking for good coverage of as many aspects of the topic as possible. I was also hoping for some extra materials that I can review later in my own time.”    

Why Product Marketing Core?

With other training providers on the market, Judy could’ve opted for an alternative.

However, when she saw the standard of the tuition on offer, it became clear Product Marketing Core was the source of essential knowledge about the industry.

“I didn’t consider other courses. From my minimal research, it seemed obvious to me PMA was the go-to resource for learning about product marketing.

“The course is full of resources online and PMA is supported by many experts in this field; I’m still excited about Product Marketing Core - it’s opened up another world to me.”

What are Product Marketing Core’s main benefits?

Live tuition from a PMM expert

Product Marketing Core’s curriculum has been designed to cater to multiple needs, with modules spanning essential areas such as go-to-market, pricing, personas, plus much more.

When asked deemed the main benefit, Judy highlighted the live tuition as a feature that appealed to her the most.

“I appreciated the fact that the course was live. Plus, the instructor works for a company and I found this to be inspiring. The course also includes templates that I can reference in the future.”

Career growth

Product marketing is buoyant; more PMMs are opting to remain in the industry and professionals transitioning into a new career in the industry. With heightened competition for sought after roles, certification programs provide the perfect platform to stand out from the competition.

Product Marketing Core provided Judy with indispensable knowledge as she begins to take the first steps towards a product marketing career of her own.

“The course has been beneficial to my personal career growth. It equipped me with introductory knowledge of product marketing.”

Advice for prospective students

Having completed the Product Marketing Core certification and experienced the benefits first-hand, Judy gave her advice to existing and budding product marketers who may be considering enrolling themselves.

“Do it! It’ll broaden your knowledge and help develop your path to becoming a product marketing manager.

“If you’re familiar with the core knowledge of product marketing already, there are many other courses and resources you can learn from provided by PMA.”

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