By now, you’ve all probably heard of Netflix and Chill. Well, we see it and we raise it.



PMMfixx and upskill.

No naughty double-meanings. No reality TV rubbish. Just endless episodes of awesome product marketing presentations. It’s the only streaming service product marketers need to subscribe to.

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What’s it all about?

We follow Product Marketing World’s Summits all over the world and record every second of every presentation while we’re at it. With no in-person events going on at the moment, we decided to spend a bit of time bookmarking our favorite talks from the last 12 months, serving them up for your viewing pleasure.

What can I expect?

At the time of writing and launch, we had 14 presentations loaded into PMMfixx, featuring product marketing powerhouses from orgs like Uber, Vimeo, Meetup, and Expedia, talking about topics such as:

  • Scaling a product marketing team
  • How to localize a global brand
  • Enterprise go-to-market for AI-driven automation
  • Building products with the customer in mind
  • The product marketer’s influence on the roadmap
  • TL;DR: simplifying your message for maximum impact
  • Video marketing 101 for product marketing
  • Nailing product marketing amidst beta and split-tests
  • Uniting growth and product marketing into a holistic strategy

…and more.

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How often will new episodes land?

We’ll be adding a brand new presentation to the line-up every Thursday. Check back in every week to stay up to speed or subscribe to get new releases directly in your inbox.

I absolutely love this 🙌, show me more

Fear not, we have plenty more just like this. For (literally) 100s of hours’ worth of product marketing presentations on every topic imaginable and starring PMMs from orgs like Google, Facebook, SurveyMonkey, IBM, and more, head over to our membership plans.

P.s. We weren’t joking when we said 100s, here’s a breakdown of every single presentation you’ve got to look forward to.