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Want to know how product marketing can create the internal heart beat for an entire organization?

Need to know how to win minds (and cycles) across functions to be successful? Look no further than this session, delivered by Jason Coari.

He'll be going into how product marketing can act as the glue in an organization in order to provide strong GTM strategies and best practices.

About the speaker

Jason Coari is an accomplished enterprise go-to market executive with 20+ years of progressive international experience in the technology industry.

He has a strong track record of driving revenue growth through a rich understanding of the enterprise IT customer journey and holistic go-to market strategies.

Jason is skilled at orchestrating cross-functional collaboration across international borders, as well as crafting compelling product messaging across multiple communication mediums and effectively evangelizing these to C-level stakeholders.

He is a trusted business advisor that is relentlessly customer focused, and recognized in the top 1% of SGI employees as a distinguished ‘Agent of Change’.

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