A little about Shira

Shira Atkins is the Co-Founder & CRO at Wonder Media Network.

While not a product marketer by trade, Shira is well-versed in some of the core product marketing principles, especially storytelling. After beginning her career in digital media, she partnered with a friend who had recently left her job at Bloomberg to found the Wonder Media Network, where they continue to lead together, today.

At Wonder Media Network, Shira and her team create podcast series that elevate underrepresented voices so their stories can be told to the masses. They use these stories to inspire action, promote equality and justice, and introduce empathy into politics, business, and culture.

At the same time, they also produce branded podcasts, working with some of the world’s biggest brands to assist them with bringing their own stories to market in unique and engaging ways.

Key talking points

During their chat, Shira and host Mark Assini dive into the world of podcasting. More specifically, Shira shares her advice on how product marketers can leverage podcasts to help tell their company’s stories and connect with a broader audience of customers.

She also suggests other ways product marketers can leverage podcasts to promote their brand, acquire new customers, and interestingly, close deals.

Wanna get involved?

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