Welcome back to Meet the Masters - a podcast series to discuss the key facets of product marketing, with renowned experts who have been there and done it.

In this episode, host Charley Gale speaks to Alex McDonnell, Market and Intelligence Lead at Airtable.

They discuss how to communicate newfound intel to your team to get a proactive response, the ethics, and legalities of CI, Alex's biggest CI success, along with what you can learn from the Competitive Intelligence Certified: Masters course we have at PMA - a course that Alex himself built from his experience and expertise in the field.


A little bit about Alex

Alex McDonnell is a bit of a self-confessed primary qualitative research nerd, with a special penchant for win-loss interviews. His research methods tend to bias toward semi-structured qualitative conversations over other more rigid methods, such as quantitative surveys.

At Airtable, Alex is behind the strategy for building customer-obsessed, competitor-alert intelligence programs that help sales, customer success, and marketing cut through the competitive noise with clear positioning.

A bit more about Competitive Intelligence Certified

Led by Alex himself, Competitive Intelligence Certified: Masters is an industry-standard, self-paced curriculum designed to help you build the intel skill set that elevates your competitive advantage.

From market mapping to win/loss research, developing your market position to the role of CI in stakeholder management, this certification is crammed with the ins and outs of CI and will leave you and your team exuding confidence from here on in.

Inside, you'll access:

🎁 10 chapters packed with actionable CI knowledge.
🎁 Vetted exam questions to test your understanding.
🎁 9 templates to put your learning into action.
🎁 Official certification to showcase your skills and boost your credentials.

By the end of the course, you'll learn how to:

βœ… Build a tech stack for competitive intel.
βœ… Understand and conduct win/loss and primary research.
βœ… Visualize your competitive position with a market map.
βœ… Bring CI to the table in strategy and product decisions.