Choosing where to invest in your learning can be a momentous decision, so we're here to give you all the background info you need before becoming a master at product marketing.

Introducing: Meet the Masters - a podcast series dedicated to discussing the key facets of product marketing, with renowned experts who have been there and done it.


In the very first episode, host Charley Gale speaks to Yoni Solomon, VP of Product Marketing at Gympass and master go-to-market strategist.

They discuss Yoni's biggest successes and challenges with go-to-market, the difference between GTM and a product launch, and how to go about renaming an existing product.

Plus, they talk about what you can learn from the Go-to-Market Certified: Masters course we have at Product Marketing Alliance - a course that Yoni himself built from his experience and expertise in the field.

A little bit about Yoni

Yoni Solomon is an award-winning product marketer and advisor. He has been recognized as one of the world's 50 most influential PMMs, and is on a mission to rewrite the book on go-to-market for the next generation.

He’s passionate about a variety of areas within B2B tech marketing besides GTM, including positioning, pricing/packaging, portfolio management, people enablement and training, demand-gen, and content, to name a few.

A bit more about Go-to-Market Certified

Led by Yoni himself, Go-to-Market Certified: Masters is an industry-standard, self-paced curriculum designed to help you nail your GTM processes from here on out.

Whether you’re part of a 10-person startup or 10,000 person enterprise – developing a consistent, repeatable launch process for Go-to-Market activities has never been more critical.

This course is for anyone that’s been tasked with bringing a new product, feature, partnership, or service to market – and needs a proven process to do it.

Inside, you'll access:

🎁 4 modules featuring key GTM concepts and strategies.
🎁 48 exam questions to test your understanding.
🎁 11 templates to put your learning into action.
🎁 Official certification to showcase your skills and boost your credentials.

By the end of the course, you'll learn how to:

✅ Implement a proven formula that's comprehensive, repeatable, and creative.
✅ Build and tailor an ideal product blueprint of your own.
✅ Apply your new templates to facilitate a seamless GTM process.

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