Welcome back to Meet the Masters - a podcast series to discuss the key facets of product marketing, with renowned experts who have been there and done it.

In this episode, host Charley Gale speaks to Lauren Culbertson, Co-founder, and CEO of LoopVOC.

They discuss what voice of customer and customer feedback champions are, common mistakes within a voice of customer program and how to avoid them, and what you can learn from the Customer Research Certified: Masters course we have at PMA - a course that Lauren herself built from her experience and expertise in the field.


A little bit about Lauren

Lauren Culbertson has over 10 years of experience driving go-to-market and product strategies for growing software companies.

After 10 years leading product marketing teams, Lauren left the corporate world to start her own software company, solving challenges she faced using customer feedback to drive product growth.

Her mission is to elevate the role of product marketing as a strategic growth engine by deeply connecting product marketers with the markets they serve.

A bit more about Customer Research Certified

Led by Lauren herself, Customer Research Certified: Masters is an industry-standard, self-paced curriculum designed to teach you how to use research to get to the heart of what your customers really want.

Customer research defines your audience, enhances company focus, and negates unnecessary risk - but only when it's done right. Get the blueprint from a renowned expert in the craft with a proven track record in evolving go-to-market strategies to grow successful products.

Inside, you'll access:

🎁 7 modules packed with actionable insights.
🎁 Vetted exam questions to test your understanding.
🎁 Official certification to showcase your skills and boost your credentials.

By the end of the course, you'll learn how to:

βœ… Build a compelling business case,
βœ… Collect feedback via surveys, interviews, and transactional channels,
βœ… Structure questions and interviews to get the most powerful insights,
βœ… Analyze feedback to inform your go-to-market strategies,
βœ… Communicate with and engage stakeholders,
βœ… Measure the return on investment (ROI) of your research program, plus
βœ… Why product marketing should own voice of customer programs.