Join host Nitin Kartik as he chats with Product Marketing expert Ginevra Mambrettii about strategic timing, transparent communication, and customer-centric approaches in managing price increases.

Key takeaways

Importance of timing and competitor analysis

Ginevra emphasizes the strategic advantage of waiting for competitors to implement price increases first. This approach allows a company to learn from competitors' mistakes and gauge market reaction, thereby mitigating potential backlash when they eventually reprice.

Clear and transparent communication

When implementing price increases, clear and transparent communication with customers is crucial. Explaining the reasons behind the price change, who will be affected, and how it aligns with industry-wide changes can make the increase more acceptable to customers.

Customer-centric approach

To minimize customer churn, especially among those most negatively impacted by price increases, offering tailored solutions such as custom pricing can be effective. This approach demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction and retention even in challenging situations.

About the guest

Ginevra Mambretti, Fractional PMM and PMA course instructor

Ginevra is a multi-award-winning Senior Product Marketing Manager with extensive experience marketing SaaS products across EMEA, APAC, and North America. Fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Italian, she has successfully led marketing initiatives in diverse sectors including eCommerce, cybersecurity, and fintech, spanning B2C, B2B, and developer-focused products.

A recognized thought leader in her field, Ginevra serves as a speaker and course instructor at Product Marketing Alliance. Her expertise and contributions to the industry were acknowledged when she was named among the top 100 product marketing influencers worldwide in 2022. 

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