Ashley Herbert is the Head of Product Marketing at Recruitee, an applicant tracking system, built to help recruiting teams hire the best talent for their organization. She became aware of our membership plans whilst interviewing for an alternative position within the product marketing field.

In this case study, she outlines:

  • Why she signed up,
  • Why our membership appealed,
  • Key outcomes,
  • The membership's main benefits, and
  • If the solo membership is worth the investment.

Ashley’s motivation

Product marketing is unique; though the roles and responsibilities between multiple practitioners may not differ dramatically, job titles can differ significantly. This was the case for Ashley and played a part in her decision to check out our membership plans.

“I first heard about the Product Marketing Alliance when I was interviewing for new positions in the product marketing space. I wanted to learn more about the role and expectations for a product marketer, a role that I had been doing at a previous company but under a different title.

“I was just discovering a position (product marketer) that I didn’t know existed. I had never heard of product marketing in either my bachelor’s as a Marketing student or my MBA. My career up to that point was doing a bit of sales, account management, and content marketing but nothing piqued my interest like my position as a marketing and product development manager where I was responsible for the same things as a product marketer without the official title."

Why did Ashley choose PMA’s membership?

Although product marketing’s proving an increasingly popular line of work, a degree of uncertainty remains when it comes to what product marketing entails and what the title even means. This shade of grey prompted Ashley to invest in a membership, as she sought to enhance her understanding of the key areas needed in her career.

“I was looking for any kind of information to learn how to do this role that I didn’t know existed. You learn about other marketing roles in school, through events, online courses, etc. There wasn’t much for product marketing so in my search for knowledge, but I found PMA to have the most consistent and valuable information on the role.

The Slack community was a bonus for me. I love that I can just throw a question into the channel and learn how other people are doing things. The online material helps with my general questions and continued learning but in the community, I can get very specific with my problems that need to be solved.”

A berth of product marketers has seen a berth of content emerge, but why us?

“PMA’s content is very comprehensive, relevant, and is delivered to you with real-life examples pulled from the awesome community - it’s so helpful.

“I started with just the free content and once I had devoured everything you had there, I knew I needed to purchase a plan. I am a lifelong learner and found my passion for product marketing, so it’s both a professional and personal joy to find ways to do my job better.”

Benefits of a PMA membership

Since we released our membership plans, the response within the product marketing community has been awesome - for many, the templates and frameworks are a blessing, others devour the exclusive video content, while many take advantage of access to the mentorship program.

“For me, I use different parts of the PMA product for different purposes. I love the events and recordings to hear how others are doing things and to spark ideas for myself and my team, I use the blogs and templates/frameworks to frame my current way of doing things, and I use the community to get (and give) real-time feedback and input with other PMMs.

“The templates are super helpful for getting team projects up off the ground. We know what we want to do and a general direction but we use the templates to help kick start our work so we don’t start completely from scratch. We take those and make them our own so they fit the way we work and our organization.”

Key outcomes

Suffice it to say, the PMA membership has had a profound impact on how Ashley and her team operate, aiding in terms of scalability and overall output.

“PMA has both built my foundation as a PMM as well as helped me scale my skills so I can become an even better PMM.

“This membership has increased my productivity but more importantly, it has increased the quality of my output. I am a much better PMM because of all of the things I've learned from PMA.

“I began using PMA as a complete beginner in product marketing and what I think is most valuable about your product is that it scales and grows with you. I am now a Head of Product Marketing in my second company as a PMM and I can honestly say that the content I read now, is just as valuable (but in a different way) as when I was completely new to the role.

“In the beginning, I was just soaking up as much knowledge as possible to be able to effectively navigate my day-to-day and to be able to confidently tell my colleagues what it is I do and what I should be responsible for. Now I’m looking to improve my skills and scale my PMM team and I know I have a friendly resource I can always go to for guidance and new ideas - I would be lost without my PMA membership. The content I have access to is a game-changer.”

Is a PMA solo membership worth it?

The material included within our membership plan has worked wonders for Ashley and her colleagues. With this in mind, what would her message be for product marketers considering investing in a membership of their own?

“Go for it! It’s so worth it to get access to the extra content and I get so excited when I get that email saying the team has added new templates, which happens pretty often.

“I am now building out a team of PMMs and I use PMA’s frameworks as a baseline for us as a team. We’ve done the PMMC Live as our yearly training this year, which our company pays for. Lastly, I encourage everyone to at least become a part of the community and look into some of the content, as I find it so helpful.”

Sign up for a PMA membership plan, enjoy a variety of exclusive content and resources, and access a berth of specialist content, designed for PMMs, by PMMs.