Ashima Bhatt, Director of Product Marketing at RingCentral, recently joined the PMA Pro Membership Team Plan to boost her team's skills and drive their success.

In this case study, we'll explore Ashima's experience with the program and how it helped her team achieve their goals. From OnDemand content to a supportive community, find out how the PMA Pro Membership Team Plan transformed Ashima's approach to product marketing.

We’ll specifically take a look at:  

Why the team at RingCentral signed up for a PMA membership

Why did your team initially sign up for PMA membership?

The RingCentral product marketing team is a group of passionate PMMs who are critical thinkers and hungry learners. We were looking for a way to level up our fundamentals and PMA was the best place to go.

Product marketing is a unique field where best practices and fundamentals are evolving at a rapid speed. So, ongoing professional development – specifically in the way PMA has designed it, with a lot of peer-to-peer knowledge exchange – is critical to career success.

RingCentral’s favorite thing about the PMA membership

What is your team's favorite thing about PMA membership?

The OnDemand webinars from various PMM industry leaders on an array of topics. We watch them monthly and love to see what other companies are doing to optimize the PMM function.

It’s also a great way to level up in an area of product marketing where you have less experience (ie. watch all OnDemand pricing sessions if you’ve less exposure to big overhaul pricing projects or have been tasked to do one and don’t know where to start).

What the membership has helped the RingCentral PMM team accomplish

What has being a PMA member enabled your team to accomplish?

To self-serve PMM industry best practices OnDemand as my job and projects require. We often get asked to come up with “a new way to tackle XXX problem” – guess what? A PMM at some SaaS company somewhere has likely been asked something similar and has documented learnings from that experience.

The next step in their professional development journey

What's the next step for your team in your professional development journey?

I’d love to get some of our junior team members to do the PMA Masters courses in the fundamental topics (Messaging, Positioning, Go-To-Market) – these are really well-designed courses. I enjoyed the Narrative Design Certified: Masters course myself.

Who Ashima would recommend the Pro Membership plan to

Who would your team recommend PMA membership to?

Anyone who’s a passionate PMM, any lifelong learners, and any PMM leader who’s passionate about providing professional development opportunities for their team that are insightful and new-age.

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