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"So, what do you do?"

The one question that every friend, parent, spouse, or colleague has asked you.

While you could take the time to craft a persona centric answer for each of them, it's getting this answer right on your resume that is the hardest and most time intensive.

Join this PMM Talk to learn tips for describing what you do (on your resume, Linkedin or to your curious friend) and, even more importantly, how to ask the questions that help you figure out what your new potential employer thinks product marketing is.

About the speaker:

Angela D'Ercole is Senior Marketing Manager at Dun & Bradstreet.

She is a creative and analytical product marketer with experience developing and evolving marketing organizations to think strategically about the core business problems at hand.

Angela is a specialist in driving change and creating innovative solutions on zero based budgets. She possesses the ability to transition seamlessly between strategy and tactics, with a highly successful track record executing product launches, enabling cross sell and upsell initiatives, driving change management, and implementing new systems.

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