A little bit about Scott

Scott Shapiro is the Director, and Head of Global Product Marketing at Secure Code Warrior.

Scott leads the PMM team at the company, and previously, he was a Principal Product Marketer at Qualtrics where he focused on Customer Success & Growth.

In this role, he brought together product marketing and marketing operations strategies to drive customer adoption, usage, and renewal.

Prior to joining Qualtrics as a private company, Scott worked at Microsoft for 5 years doing product and growth marketing for Office. He helped launch the first-ever version of Office for iOS and Android, the first integration between Microsoft and LinkedIn, and the redesign of OneNote.

Scott's also hosts Product Marketing Alliance's show, The Goald Standard, in which he and guests discuss ways in which PMMs can achieve and beat their targets.

Key talking points

In this episode of Product Marketing Careers, Al asks Scott when and why he decided to get an MBA, and has the qualification has supplemented his career. He also asks:

  • How Scott discovered product marketing
  • Why the industry intrigued Scott?
  • The highlights of his career so far
  • What is your PMM superpower?
  • What he knows about being a product marketer now, that he didn’t know when you started his career

Plus much more...

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