In this episode of Product Marketing Life, our host Collin Mayjack sits down with the boys behind UserEvidence, Mark Huber and Alex Eaton.

Mark peeled back the curtain on his first PMM hire, Alex shared about building his PMM charter, and the three of them talked about what UserEvidence does best – customer proof.

Key takeaways

  • Their product marketing hot takes
  • What Mark was looking for when hiring his first product marketer
  • Defining a PMM charter and goals when building one
  • Developing a strong POV
  • What makes for convincing customer proof

About our guests

Mark Huber, VP of Marketing at UserEvidence

Mark is a seasoned B2B marketing leader and brand builder who, contrary to the norm, always knew he wanted to be in marketing - and surprisingly, found his true passion in the often-overlooked realm of B2B. For the past 12 years, he's immersed himself in the world of B2B startups, working with both bootstrapped and venture-backed companies.

His career path is diverse by design; he's held roles across various marketing functions to understand how modern B2B marketing teams work. This multifaceted experience allows Mark to lead with vision, empathize with his team members, and guide them effectively, making him a uniquely qualified leader in this ever-evolving field.

Alex Eaton, Director of Product Marketing at UserEvidence

Alex is a dynamic force in the world of product marketing, with a career that reads like a masterclass in strategic growth and innovation. Currently serving as the Director of Product Marketing at UserEvidence, he began this role in March 2024, leveraging his extensive experience to drive strategic product marketing initiatives.

Prior to his current position, Alex spent more than four years at Help Scout, demonstrating a steady progression in roles and responsibilities.

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