Chirag Madhrani is one of the many product marketers to enhance their credentials with Product Marketing Core.

A Product Marketing Manager at Toronto-based market research company Dig Insights, Chirag is an experienced B2B and B2C product marketing professional with experience spanning consumer goods, travel, entertainment, and non-profit industries.

During his career, Chirag's worked in a variety of areas such as product marketing, digital marketing, social media, email, and mobile push marketing. In these roles, he’s demonstrated her ability to drive business growth via the incorporation of data-driven, sophisticated marketing tools.

Having recently completed the Product Marketing Core certification, he gave his feedback on his experience of studying with Product Marketing Alliance, explaining:

Why did you sign up for Product Marketing Core?

To get a refresher into the state of the product marketing industry after being out of it for a couple of years (I worked in product marketing between 2015 and 2019).

What was the best thing about Product Marketing Core?

The depth in which the material was delivered and the templates that I’ve already used in my day-to-day work make things more streamlined.

What has taking Product Marketing Core enabled you to accomplish?

Product Marketing Core has enabled me to set up the product marketing function from scratch in my organization. I’m the first product marketer here and I’ve implemented many of my learnings in my work so far.

What's the next step for you in your professional development journey?

Maybe take a program that grooms me for a leadership position in product marketing (still don’t know which one though).

Who would you recommend Product Marketing Core to?

I’d recommend Product Marketing Core to any product marketer looking to make their life easier; the course includes a selection of great templates.

I’d also recommend the course to anyone looking to learn principles of product marketing, or someone interested in transitioning into the industry from another vertical within marketing.

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