Karishma Varma is a Product Marketing Manager at Resolver, Inc. an intelligence platform that assesses risk and transforms findings into actionable, quantifiable metrics, and has completed Product Marketing Core.

A professional with a passion for supporting people, brands, products, and companies Karishma is an advocate of tailoring comms in accordance to various audiences. She enjoys crafting compelling stories and narratives for her audience and building exciting campaigns.

Karishma discussed her experience completing the Product Marketing Core certification, outlining:

Why did you initially sign up for Product Marketing Core?

Every organization has its instance of product marketing and given how the role is increasingly expanding to other avenues as well as spiraling over to different teams.

I wanted to educate myself with a course whose frameworks can be easily adapted to different instances. Out of the different organizations that offer courses, I found Product Marketing Alliance to be the most versatile and cognizant of the ever-evolving marketplace landscape.

What was the best thing about Product Marketing Core?

I appreciated having exposure to the different aspects that could fall within product marketing and liked the videos by proven leaders that added color to the concepts. On a second note, the fact that it's self-paced is incredible!

What has taking Product Marketing Core enabled you to accomplish?

Apart from having a comprehensive understanding of the product marketing landscape with access to brilliant frameworks, the course has helped me address impostor syndrome. I often find that confidence is easy to build and cultivate when one gains knowledge - the course empowered me to be confident in positioning myself as a knowledgeable product marketer.

What's the next step for you in your professional development journey?

Grow with an organization where I establish the go-to-market framework and strategy as well as successfully lead product launches.

Who would you recommend Product Marketing Core to?

I’d recommend Product Marketing Core to just about anybody who is even remotely interested in product marketing. The course covers every aspect the portfolio could have in fantastic detail, and is a great way to assess interest in the area.