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PMM: Leaders Fellowship has arrived


Empower your inner product marketing leader and take the first step towards becoming a C-suiter of tomorrow with our brand new program: PMM: Leaders Fellowship.

Join your fellow product marketing leaders for an intense 8-week program full of possibilities, destined to shape your career.

Jan 17th → March 11th

How does the course work?

Each week of the two-month program you’ll:

⏰ Get stuck into 1-2 hour’s worth of leadership curriculum
🎬 Learn from Etsy, Gong, HubSpot, Zuora & more with bonus footage
👩‍💻 Participate in live presentations and networking sessions
✅ Complete mandatory exams to test your understanding of the theory
🧠 Work on hands-on coursework activities to put everything into practice
🙋‍♀️ Get involved in lively discussions in your private fellowship alumni channel
🛠 Access a bank of industry-standard templates and frameworks
🔥 Tune into fireside chats with Shopify, LinkedIn, airSlate, and more

What exactly is PMM: Leaders Fellowship?

This truly interactive fellowship program enables you to learn, share, and leverage your practice with PMM leaders all over the world in an intimate, exclusive, and private environment.

From scaling teams, data, and budgets, to strategies, project management, and influence (and more!), it covers all the quintessential areas needed to shine in a leadership role, over eight enjoyable weeks.

But it doesn’t stop there. If you’ve got one eye on the C-suite - either now or in the future, we’ve dedicated an entire week to supporting your career goals.

Scott Bamford, Senior Product Marketing Manager at HotSchedules, has completed the course - and couldn't help but sing its praises: 😏

"A flat-out awesome course! This course leaves no stone unturned and even provides you with all the slide decks, tools, and templates for future use. All the leadership interviews with the industry's top product marketing leaders provided so many nuggets of product marketing leadership gold and real-world practical application. If you want to take your product marketing career to the next level, this is absolutely the course for you - bar none!"

Who's the program for?

This program’s built with Heads of Product Marketing, Directors of Product Marketing, and VPs of Product Marketing in mind (or equivalent).

That said, even if you’re not quite at those upper rungs of the product marketing career ladder, providing you have an incredibly strong grasp of the product marketing function, this program provides a unique opportunity to identify and fill any knowledge gaps, as well as brush shoulders with some of the most effective PMM leaders in the world.

What can you expect?

So, what's waiting for you when you take the plunge and sign up? A whole bunch of features - that's what:

🔥 Non-stop, actionable insights
🗓 Practical applications every week
🕵️‍♂️ Total privacy with your closed PMM leadership pod
👥 Tons of networking opportunities
👉 Hands-on coursework activities
💡 Endless ideas from your peers and presenters
🏅 Fuel to shape your gold-standard product marketing strategy

Built with the best

The PMM Leaders: Fellowship program has been built in collaboration with Director and VP level product marketers from some of the world’s best-known brands - we’re talking Amazon Web Services, LinkedIn, G2, Uber, Unbounce, and more.

You’ll be able to tap directly into their tried and tested tactics, strategies, and methodologies and put all that intel into building your killer strategy.

The PMM Leaders: Fellowship program has been built in collaboration with Director and VP level product marketers from some of the world’s best-known brands - we’re talking Amazon Web Services, LinkedIn, G2, Uber, Unbounce, and more.

What's included in the schedule?

We've gone above and beyond to put together a varied schedule covering the fundamentals of product marketing leadership.

Week 1: Product marketing strategy [Jan 17th]
Week 2: Building a product marketing team [Jan 24th]
Week 3: Team management [Jan 31st]
Week 4: Pricing, budgets, and impact [Feb 7th]
Week 5: Data [Feb 14th]
Week 6: Project management & go-to-market [Feb 21st]
Week 7: Influence & being cross-functional [Feb 28th]
Week 8: Progressing to the C-suite [March 7th]

By the end of the program you’ll:

💪 Be more informed, confident, and impactful on every aspect of being a great product marketing leader.
🏅 Have all the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to build and scale a gold-standard product marketing team.
💡 Be equipped with endless leadership insights from the likes of LinkedIn, Shopify, Hotjar, Unbounce, and more.
📈 Supercharge your career growth by arming yourself with everything you need to crush your current role, as well as what’s expected to progress into the C-suite.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

We know the route to the top inside and out, and luckily for you, we love to share.👇

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PMM: Leaders Fellowship has arrived