Cross-functional collaboration is the process of working across various teams and departments, relying on eaches expertise to reach a common goal. When implemented successfully it creates a well-oiled machine, allowing all departments to work to the best of their ability through open communication and establishing a sense of synergy within the organization.  

Product marketing sits at the intersection between key areas such as sales, product, marketing, communications, client success and more. All of this makes product marketing an integral player for successful cross-functional collaboration.

It is an absolute must-have skill for any product marketer, whatever company, region or industry you work in. PMMs very often act as the glue that holds operations together and work to ensure that everybody is pulling in the same direction.

Join this months' PMM Talks and hear our experts discuss:

  • Should the role of maintaining cross-functional collaboration sit with the PMM or is it a company-wide effort?
  • What are some of the key skills PMMs need to effectively collaborate cross-functionally?
  • How to create buy-in from internal stakeholders.
  • How to ensure other teams have access to the information that matters in the most useful and impactful way.

This session is live and interactive so come armed with your burning questions 🔥

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Meet the speakers:

Igor Kranjcec, Head of Marketing at MediaToolKit

Igor is Head of Marketing at Mediatoolkit, leading a team of Product, Digital, Content & Customer marketers. He’s been in customer and product marketing for 5+ years mainly focused on SaaS products in both the B2B and B2C world. He helps SaaS companies grow through the implementation and execution of product marketing, product analytics, external knowledge management, retention, x-sell and up-sell activities, building relationships & loyalty.

Aliona Margulis (Arkharova), Product Marketing Manager at Satisfi Labs

Aliona has more than eight years of proven track record in driving from scratch Product Positioning and Messaging, GTM campaigns, and acquisition & engagement marketing strategies. She implemented marketing campaigns in Europe, the USA, CIS, and Asia. She has experience working in FMCG, Travel, Consulting, and Tech companies.

Iris Stein, Director of Product Marketing at BreezoMeter

Iris is Director of Product Marketing at BreezoMeter. Iris has led various teams over the past decade at multiple Product Marketing roles while specializing in messaging, positioning, competitive intelligence, marketing strategy, GTM, and sales enablement at both global startups and large corporations including advertising, telecommunications, safety and security, and environmental intelligence industries.

Div Manickam, Author | Mentor | PMM Talks Host

A mentor, author and product marketing influencer with 10+years of B2B SaaS product marketing at Fortune500 and startups. I am exploring a portfolio life one day at a time. I recently embarked on a journey with stress and anxiety, mindfulness and essentialism, diversity and belonging. I am committed to breaking the stigma and be a voice for the unspoken. Taking a leap into the unknown, I have self-published books on my journey, most recently on “Mastering the art and science of Product Marketing”.