Go-to-market (GTM) strategy is a critical component of product marketing. It encompasses the activities and tactics that a company uses to launch new products and drive revenue growth. A successful GTM strategy ensures that a product is launched effectively and reaches the target market with the right message and positioning.

Developing a GTM strategy involves several steps, including identifying the target market, conducting market research, defining the value proposition, creating a messaging framework, and selecting the most effective channels to reach the target audience.

A well-executed GTM strategy can drive revenue growth and help a company gain a competitive advantage in the market. It is critical that product marketers take the time to develop a comprehensive GTM strategy that is aligned with the company's overall business goals and objectives.

Join this month’s PMM Talks discussion to hear our expert's opinions on:

  • Identifying and researching your target market
  • Defining the value proposition
  • Creating a GTM messaging framework
  • Establishing the most effective communication channels

Meet the speakers:

Michele Connors, Global Director of Product Marketing, Arrow Electronics

A believer in the power of story and the impact of empathy, Michele is passionate about customer-centric product strategy. As someone who loves learning about technology and people, she is energized by the responsibility product marketers have to deeply understand both in order to bring value to life. Her experience spans B2B, B2C and B2B2C settings at companies ranging from innovative start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations.

Kristen Ditsch, Director of Product Marketing, SGNL

Kristen Ditsch is the Director of Product Marketing at SGNL. Before joining SGNL, Kristen worked as Head of Product Marketing at Workato. She loves that product marketing is well-suited for inquisitive minds and believes the role is a critical mix of strategic communications, sales and customer empowerment.

Prak Swammy, Product Marketing Manager at Rently

As the first PMM at Rently, Prak established product marketing and pricing initiatives within her organization. Prak is currently leading GTM execution and pricing/packaging initiatives for Rently along with a whole host of other responsibilites.

Div Manickam, Author | Mentor | PMM Talks Host

A mentor, author and product marketing influencer with 10+years of B2B SaaS product marketing at Fortune500 and startups. I am exploring a portfolio life one day at a time. I recently embarked on a journey with stress and anxiety, mindfulness and essentialism, diversity and belonging. I am committed to breaking the stigma and be a voice for the unspoken. Taking a leap into the unknown, I have self-published books on my journey, most recently on “Mastering the art and science of Product Marketing”.