Thursday, May 12
Time: 9am PT | 12pm ET | 5pm BST

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You’ve heard it countless times: the way to grow your marketing career is to grow your company and tie what you do to revenue. But tying product marketing to revenue is easier said than done.

In this session, you’ll learn how the product-led growth trend creates a new opportunity for product marketers to prove career-building revenue growth.

Join this PMMnow session as we cover:

⭐ ️What is product-led growth
⭐ ️The product marketing role
⭐️ Measuring the product marketing role
⭐ ️Where we thinking product marketing adds value vs where it actually does

About the speaker

Jenn Steele is the VP of Marketing at Reprise, a full-funnel product-led growth platform that enables you to create and share customized product tours and demos, for each step of your funnel. Prior to Reprise, Jenn held marketing leadership roles at ORSNN, Indix, Amazon and Hubspot.

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