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PMM Weekly Live Session | Online | August 25, 2022


Thursday, August 25
Time: 9am PT | 12pm ET | 5pm BST

Weekly free product marketing live session.

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Competitive intelligence programs can be reactionary and one-dimensional due to squeaky-wheel syndrome and we-just-lost-a-deal-to-so-and-so-itis.

This is why there are three categories of competitive intelligence every proactive PMM should know about: Marketing, Business, and Technical.

Additionally, learn which categories that product marketers are particularly well suited to leading and which ones make better sense to collaborate on with other teams like product, customer success, or sales engineers.

Join this PMMnow session as we cover:

  • The prevailing ailments competitive intelligence programs need to overcome.
  • Deep dive into the three competitive intelligence categories.
  • Top tips and examples of how to operationalize each category.

About the speaker

Alex Babar, Director of Product Marketing at Legit Security, a B2B SaaS startup that recently raised a $30M Series A from Bessemer and TCV.

Prior to Legit Security, Alex was a part of Ping Identity as they quadrupled growth and became the first Vista Equity portfolio company ever to IPO. During that time he effectively competed against well-known SaaS companies like Okta, Auth0, and Microsoft and earned multiple awards for market and competitive enablement.

Alex has held roles in digital marketing, product marketing, and product management during his career.

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Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance

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PMM Weekly Live Session | Online | August 25, 2022