Thursday, May 26
Time: 9am PT | 12pm ET | 5pm BST

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Before Customer Success, there was Professional Services...
...before Conservational Marketing, there was Chat...
and before Inbound Marketing, we had Marketing Automation.

Sometimes, creating a new category isn't always about building a brand new, never-before-seen product.

Discover how to look at existing categories and create something that aligns with what your company wants and needs.

Join this PMMnow session as we cover:

⭐ ️The definition of a category narrative
⭐ ️Why you should choose to create a new category
⭐️ How the teams at Klue are building Competitive Enablement

About the speaker

Jason Oakley is a product marketing leader with a passion for helping others build successful product marketing teams and careers. He is currently the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Klue, and former Director of Product Marketing at Chili Piper and Uberflip.

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