Christian Chapman, National Sales Manager at Juzo UK, was made aware of Product Marketing Certified: Core after consulting with a member of the PMA team. After researching the certification in more depth, he decided that the PMMC course’s benefits could contribute significantly to his daily role, and solidify the company’s offering for the NHS and private health care providers.

In this case study, he discusses:

  • Why he enrolled,
  • Why he picked us,
  • PMMC's main benefits, and
  • Key outcomes

Christian’s motivation

Due to the nature of Christian’s role, he works across a range of global markets. Given the variety of marketing principles in place, Christian and his peers were seeking a more streamlined approach, prompting Christian to enroll and become PMM certified.

“We work across a variety of markets from Europe to the Americas to the Middle East across to Australia so sometimes marketing strategies differ massively between our offices. This can cause problems for the company when trying to take a more uniform approach to marketing our wide range of products and this was something we had to address.

“Our industry is constantly changing due to medical advances and treatment breakthroughs so we must develop products that reflect the needs of patients. I needed to further my knowledge of product marketing so we could stay ahead of our competition and ensure our products continue to be the fastest-growing compression products in the UK.

“We needed a course that was informative yet simple to understand and also engaging. There is nothing worse than attending an uninspiring development course, especially if it is being delivered digitally.”

Why Product Marketing Core?

Christian’s working in private healthcare, a highly-competitive, and saturated market. Nonetheless, Juzo has established itself as a market leader, a reputation Christian and his colleagues are understandably keen to uphold. With the stakes so high, the certification program had to be right. So, what prompted Christian to opt for PMMC ahead of the alternative options?

“I considered some CIM courses but I felt that the PMA course was more specific to my needs and I liked the fact that the course was delivered live as opposed to being a pre-recorded course.

“The testimonials I read before booking the course were all extremely positive and the companies who partner with PMA were impressive. It was clear that the product was a high-end training course and this level of quality appealed greatly to me.”

What are Product Marketing Core’s main benefits?

Here at PMA, we offer two versions of Product Marketing Core: Live and Online, plus an OnDemand course. When Christian outlined what he deemed to be the core benefits of the course, the interactivity of the live version is something that was identified as a positive.

“The fact that the product was delivered live by a Trainer was a massive plus for me as I struggle to concentrate and engage with pre-recorded digital courses. I also like that the course was clearly explained and offered the chance to raise queries as we went along - it felt much more natural and made me feel comfortable contributing to the discussions.

“I was offered ongoing support from the Trainer if needed and invited to further learning sessions. We were also given access to a library of learning resources and templates which have proven to be useful.”

Key outcomes

Exposure to new perspectives

After becoming Product Marketing Certified, Christian reflected on the key outcomes of the course, and how taking part has helped him and his team immediately implement his learnings, as they strive to hit new heights.

“The entire course was incredibly insightful and useful for me on a personal level as it made me think about product marketing in a much more pragmatic way. I feel that the content on battle cards was particularly beneficial for my team as we have a vast product portfolio so utilizing battle cards effectively makes our jobs much easier.

“I think Product Marketing Core has allowed me to approach our marketing strategies in a much more pragmatic manner and work better collaboratively with our other markets."

Enhanced marketing methods

“Beforehand, we all operated much more single-mindedly in which we prioritized our market. The new collaborative working model is allowing us to market our products more effectively and grow at a faster rate.

“If I hadn’t enrolled in the course, I don’t think we would have marketed new products so successfully and grown our sales at the rate we have done over the past 6 months. Every company has faced obstacles during the pandemic but I feel that the PMMC gave us the tools to tackle any issues head-on.

“So, my message to anyone considering getting certified? Don’t hesitate in enrolling on Product Marketing Core.”

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