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PMM Live Session | Online | June 1, 2023

Thursday, June 1st
Time: 9am PT | 12 ET | 5pm BST

Weekly free product marketing live session.

Wanna reach the peak of your product marketing powers?

Of course, you do, but first, you need to know the essentials like the back of your hand...

In this 20-minute talk, Maggie Tharp, Product Marketing Manager at Rockerbox, provides expert perspectives into the key components of product marketing, focusing on requisite skills such as:

💡 Understanding your target audience
🔎 Conducting market research
📈  Developing a compelling value proposition
🎯 Analyzing competitors
🤝 Collaborating with other teams
💪 Continuously adapting strategies based on market dynamics

Join the session and gain indispensable insights from a practitioner riding on the crest of the PMM wave.

About the speaker

"When I was 6 or 7, I told myself (in these exact words) "I guess I'll probably end up as a writer."
"Don't ask me why I thought that or why a 6-year-old sounded strangely resigned to an awesome career. All I know's my little prediction turned out to be right.

"From my start as a journalist in rural North Carolina, my journey through all areas of newspaper publication to my current passions of marketing strategy, content marketing and social media, writing and storytelling has been at the heart of everything I've done."

- Maggie Tharp, Product Marketing Manager at Rockerbox

PMM Live Session | Online | June 1, 2023