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Many companies, like Uber and Peloton, are growing their product portfolio, this means that how they practice PMM has to evolve with it.

PMMs must learn to be product experts but also strategists to see the connective points between multiple products, user truths that connect them, and leverage those insights to bring multiple products together effectively and efficiently across an even more complex stakeholder network and consumer landscape.

Ali will be sharing several case studies to show how teams are evolving in this direction and tips for how to make portfolio product marketing work.

About the speaker

Ali Wiezbowski is Director of Global Product Marketing at Peloton, overseeing product marketing for the Peloton bike and portfolio marketing efforts. Her team is responsible for customer acquisition, member engagement and paving the way for Peloton’s future growth.

Previous to Peloton, Ali served as Uber’s Global Head of Product Marketing, Driver Engagement. At Uber, she helped transform Uber’s driver retention strategy, and in parallel focused on changing the public narrative. She also created Uber’s College Opportunity Program, which provides free college, entrepreneurship, and English language education to drivers and their families. Prior to Uber, she founded two companies and managed Microsoft’s emerging media investments.

Her work has been recognized by Forbes, CNN and Fast Company, and she graduated from University of Pennsylvania with a dual-degree in Communications and Visual Studies.  

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