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This week we have an extra special guest lined up. Not only is Nupur Bhade Vilas, the Sr. Group Manager of Product Marketing at Twilio, going to be leading a discussion on how to successfully prepare for a product launch and release marketing strategy. But, we are also delighted to announce that Nupur is going to be joining the PMM Talks team as a monthly guest host.

Each month, Nupur will be joined by another fantastic mind from the product marketing world to deliver your PMM Talks fix.

About the speaker

Nupur is a Sr. Group Manager, Product Marketing at Twilio. She's done product marketing for AdTech, HRTech, and PaaS companies. She currently leads Product Marketing for the Developer Experience and Consumer Trust business units at Twilio. Her PMM path is unique - she holds a bachelor's degree in Telecommunication Engineering and a masters in management from Dartmouth College. When she's not in the office, she's spreading the Twilio magic at events and conferences.

Follow her on Twitter: @nupur_vbhade.

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