Clubhouse - all the cool kids were doing it so we thought it was about time to check it out and boy, you can color us converted!

For those who aren’t familiar, Clubhouse (CH) is a (fairly) new invite-only audio-chat app that’s based around various different ‘rooms’ people can either host or enter, to have discussions with like-minded people.

It’s a bit like listening to a podcast episode but with the opportunity to pipe up and participate by adding your own two cents on a topic.

Let's Talk About Product Marketing

The PMA Clubhouse Show will be titled Let’s Talk Product Marketing because, well, that’s what we’ll be doing - talking a lot about product marketing. Figures.

If you fancy joining us over on the weekly session and aren’t yet on CH, ping @Amy Duce a message over on the PMA Slack community so she can send you your exclusive invite.

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Each session will be hosted by Rebecca Geraghty, B2B Product Marketer, PMA Top 100 Influencer of 2020, and an avid observer of all things product marketing, and participants will be given access to exclusive insights, as well as plenty of opportunities to have their own questions answered.

Session #1 launches this week and we’re stoked about it!

⏰  When: Fridays @ 9am PDT | 12pm EDT | 5pm BST
⌛  Duration: 30 mins
📍  Location: Clubhouse - ping @RoseJohnstone a message on Slack for an invite to the app


What to expect from Session #1

First thing’s first, you’ll get to know Rebecca better, find out more about your Clubhouse host and make your (virtual) introductions.

Then, it’s time to get down to the juicy stuff.

The topic of our first ‘Let’s talk Product Marketing’ will be something we’re sure many of you reading this right now will have a love-hate relationship with - messaging.

We all know the many brilliant and bountiful benefits of great messaging but sometimes, it can be a real drag; messaging is hard.

So, this won’t be your standard lecture on why messaging is so important and why getting it right is a matter of life or death (although we will touch on that, of course). Instead, this’ll be your chance to talk frankly about what you love and hate most about messaging.

We’re dubbing it a ‘venting session’ or a ‘therapy session’ because we’ll be inviting participants to smack-talk messaging all they like and to be open and honest about their struggles in the area. Real talk.

Once we’ve all got the frustrations off our chests, we’ll go on to explore all the wonderful things about messaging and why it’s the core mission of all respectable PMMs.  

We’ll be breaking up for quick-fire Q&A sessions throughout so make sure you’ve got your questions prepared for Rebecca to answer 🔥

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See you there!