Product Marketing Alliance (PMA), the world’s largest community for product marketers, has acquired Sequel Media as part of its plans to expand its education empire.

Since it first came onto the scene in 2019, PMA has established itself as the continuous professional development platform of choice for thousands of product marketers worldwide, attracting organizations such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft, and more.

Sequel Media is an in-person events business that facilitates business growth in fast-moving markets. Its Summit series - Product Marketing World, Sales Enablement World, Product-Led World, and AI Accelerator Summit - tour the world and provide the best in-person events for these communities, uniting experts everywhere.

Combining Sequel’s market-dominating events series with PMA’s well-established community and education offering was a no-brainer for the company, and marks the start of an incredibly exciting and prosperous hybrid model; encompassing live in-person, live and online, and OnDemand opportunities for their communities.

PMA’s acquisition of Sequel Media will enable the education arm of the organization to ramp up the velocity of its accredited courses, membership, and scholar programs, all the while continuing to provide global events, market-leading reports, and thriving communities.

The acquisition also marks the birth of The Alliance.

Home to PMA’s portfolio of communities (Sales Enablement Collective, Product-Led Alliance, Future of SaaS, AIAI Accelerator Institute, Customer Success Collective, B2B Marketing Alliance, and CMO Alliance) The Alliance will be the organization’s new corporate umbrella, becoming the go-to professional development platform for high-growth organizations and individuals worldwide.

Richard King, Founder & CEO of Product Marketing Alliance, said: “Acquiring Sequel Media was the obvious and natural fit for us. PMA has experienced an incredibly steep growth curve over the last two years and this is set to continue.

“We’re incredibly excited to have Sequel’s in-demand and established in-person events series now under our remit, and we’re already working on lots of plans to bring our digital education offering in-person. Watch this space.”

Josie King, Founder & CEO of Sequel Media, said: “The Sequel Media team is excited to join forces with PMA.

“Content and community have always been at the core of both organizations, and we have a shared vision of what a true community-led approach should be. Continuing to add value, authority, and leadership through our community events and educational programs will be a key driver of growth.

“We’re on the verge of something special and by working together and creating The Alliance, we will expedite our joint mission of enabling high-growth organizations to access the education, content, and community needed to help individuals and companies scale.”


Product Marketing Alliance was founded in February 2019 with a mission of uniting product marketers across the globe. And it did just that. Since launching, it’s gathered more than 40,000 enthusiasts from the USA to Russia, Greece to Germany, England to Australia. All with one shared goal: to drive demand, adoption, and the overall success of their products.


Bryony Pearce