Professional network for product marketers reaches milestone in less than eighteen months

As of June 26th, Product Marketing Alliance (PMA), a professional network and training provider for product marketers, has reached 10,000 members in under sixteen months.

The alliance was founded in February of 2019 with the goal of providing training, certification, events, and networking for the product marketing industry. In a short time it has grown to have members on every continent and to hold events like the recent #PMMFest, which featured speakers from Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

In times of isolation across the globe, online communities have become a pillar of people’s day-to-day, providing much-needed communication, collaboration, and space to socialize.

Although PMA embodied all of the above long before COVID-19 entered everyone’s lives, its presence is certainly being felt and needed by many more since, and organizations like Google, Facebook, Adobe, and LinkedIn all turn to the community as part of their work routine.

Of the organization’s success, Richard King, Founder of PMA, said:

“I’ve been blown away by how quickly this community has grown and there’s still so much to come. While it would be easy to sit here and take the credit, our community members are at the heart of our growth, and they will continue to be.”

The rate of organic growth has been stratospheric and a testament to the evident need for a dedicated resource for product marketing professionals - a role that’s been around for quite some time, but that’s only just receiving the recognition it deserves.

To build that awareness, PMA recognized a need to provide a central hub for product marketers to learn, share, and celebrate, and the organization’s Slack community has been just one of their means to achieve this.

Richard King sums up by saying:

“Every single day, product marketers in this community are supporting and driving one another forward to be the best they can be, and it really is a pleasure to see. Roll on the next 10,000 members and even more new and creative ways to elevate this incredible role!”


Product Marketing Alliance was founded in February 2019 with a mission of uniting product marketers across the globe. And it did just that. Within just 12 months of launching, it gathered more than 10,000 enthusiasts from the USA to Russia, Greece to Germany, England to Australia. All with one shared goal: to drive demand, adoption, and the overall success of their products.

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