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Product Marketing Awards 2023: get your ballots ready


Stand by… because it’s that time of year again! You guessed it, Summer is well and truly underway, which means one thing: The Product Marketing Awards 2023 are on the horizon!

That’s right - this September, the 4th edition of our celebration of PMM innovation and talent will be taking place, and we need your nominations to make it a ceremony to remember.

Wanna nominate your kick-ass team? Go ahead! Wanna pat yourself on the back? Knock yourself out! We’ve got a whole bunch of exciting categories to choose from:

  • Product Marketing Leader of the Year
  • Product Marketing Team of the Year
  • Product Marketing MVP of the Year
  • Product Marketing Newcomer of the Year
  • Positioning & Messaging Maestro of the Year
  • Product Launch of the Year
  • Top Companies to Work in Product Marketing

Key dates

💌 Nomination deadline: September 27th
🌟 Shortlist announced: w/c October 11th
🏆 Winners announced: w/c October 25th (virtually)

2023 award categories

Product Marketing Leader of the Year

Let's be real - amazing product marketing leaders are hard to come by. It takes serious skills to step up, take the reins of a team, and deliver results day in and day out.

This award shouts out the product marketing pro who crushed it leading their squad in 2023. Know someone who fits the bill?

Don't keep them to yourself – nominate that legendary leader for this award!

Product Marketing Team of the Year

Got a product marketing crew that's straight up killing it? A team of PMM all-stars that continues to raise the bar and deliver the goods? Well, it's high time they got the props they deserve.

Give that A-team of rockstar marketers a shout-out and nominate them for some well-earned time in the spotlight.

Product Marketing MVP of the Year

We're on the hunt for a product marketing wizard who straight-up wowed you over the past year. We’re talking about a real MVP who was heads, shoulders, knees, and toes above the rest.

Maybe they cooked up game-changing campaigns that blew your socks off, or they rallied the troops and led their team to epic wins with infectious energy.

Whoever they are, if you encountered an elite product marketer in 2023, we want to hear about them!

Product Marketing Newcomer of the Year

With so many new product marketing heroes entering the scene, we're looking for a fresh face who's already making epic waves. We’re talking about the new kid on the block who took to product promo like a fish to water and is showing early signs of superstardom.

Help us highlight the up-and-comer blazing trails and blowing minds in the world of product marketing.

Positioning & Messaging Maestro of the Year

Get this – a whopping 90.1% of respondents in the State of Product Marketing Report 2023 said positioning and messaging are part of their main jam. But we wanna know who the real master of positioning is.

If you know a product marketer who nails crafting killer strategy, we want the deets.

Product Launch of the Year

We know that launching a new product is no joke. It takes a ton of hustle, long hours, and serious skills to take a product from idea to market.

So if you've seen someone knock it out of the park on a recent launch, or been part of a team that executed a launch with total flair, then step right up!

Top Companies to Work in Product Marketing

More and more companies are building kick-ass PMM teams – but some go the extra mile creating phenomenal environments for their squads to thrive.

We're talking sweet perks, unbeatable culture, prime career development… the whole shebang.

If this is your org, time to show some love!

The judging criteria

What we wanna see in the lucky winners of these awesome awards:

  • Product marketing aficionados who are changing the game for the better.
  • Cold hard proof - flaunt those facts and figures highlighting the real impact made. Bigger revenue, more deals closed, juiced up lead gen, stronger processes, setting teams up for glory...you know the drill.
  • All the testimonials. We want the inside scoop from their colleagues about how awesome they are. The more rave reviews, the better their chances at the prize.
  • Anything else that might make you or the person you’re nominating stand out from the rest.

Farewell (for now), and good luck.

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Written by:

Stevie Langford

Stevie Langford

As a Senior Copywriter here at Product Marketing Alliance, Stevie loves to create content that's captivating, compelling, and informative. She's always open to new ideas, so feel free to get in touch!

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Product Marketing Awards 2023: get your ballots ready