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Product Marketing Insider [podcast]: Kacy Boone

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A little about Kacy

At the time of recording, Kacy Boone was Director of Product Marketing at InVision.

Prior to this role, Kacy gained a lot of experience with Product Marketing Manager roles at both Lyft and FiveStars. She was responsible for growth, market research, positioning and messaging for both companies.

At Lyft she partnered closely with the research team to understand the target market, leveraging these insights to inform and improve the product and marketing approach to create a successful product launch.

Key talking points

  • A detailed look into Kacy's product marketing journey, her current role, and why she chose to follow this career path.
  • Her top three skills that helped her get to PMM level.
  • Advice and experience launching a new product.
  • Outlining the difference in responsibilities between PMs and PMMs.
  • Tips for aspiring product marketing managers.
  • Her expectations and predictions for the 2021 product marketing community.

Get involved

If you'd like to appear as a guest on our Product Marketing Life podcast, contact Rose and register your interest: rose@productledalliance.com.

In the meantime, grab your headphones, get comfy, and check out our previous episodes featuring a host of PMMs from globally recognized brands.

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Lawrence Chapman

Lawrence Chapman

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Product Marketing Insider [podcast]: Kacy Boone