In this episode of Product Marketing Life, host Mark Assini is joined by Bhargav Brahmbhatt, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Harness.

During their chat, Bhargav and Mark explore what it’s like to be a product marketer at a fast-moving startup and how to go about building out a product marketing team in a startup environment.

Introducing Bhargav

Bhargav has held a number of product-oriented roles, starting out first in software development, then getting into product management after pursuing an MBA, and finally landing in product marketing.

Today, Bhargav and the team at Harness are building an intelligent software delivery platform that enables engineers to deliver software faster, with higher quality, and with less effort.

Key discussion points

  • Unique requirements of being a product marketer at a startup looking for its first sale.
  • How the role of a product marketer changes when you jump to a company with more funding.
  • How Bhargav navigated the conversation around building out a product marketing team at his company, where he met resistance, and where he found support.
  • Ways in which Harness has experimented their way into growth.
  • Key learnings when bringing products from zero to over a million in sales.
  • The role of mentorship in Bhargav's product marketing growth and how he sourced a mentor.

For anyone looking to gain traction as a product marketer at a startup, this episode is a must-listen.