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The Product Marketing Salary Survey lifts the lid on how much product marketing professionals from all over the world are being paid, and takes a deep dive into how this changes depending on:

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  • The industry you work in,
  • Your gender and ethnicity,
  • The stage of growth your company is at,
  • The benefits you receive from your company …

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In 2021…

  • The average baseline salary for product marketers globally was $119,197.
  • North America had the highest average salary at $137,596.
  • South & Central America recorded the largest average salary increase since 2020 ($36,023).
  • B2B PMMs earned more than B2C PMMs ($118,241 > $106,651).
  • PMMs with certification earned $4,623 more than those without a qualification, before tax.
  • PMMs who didn’t go to college had the highest average baseline salary ($124,851).

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