In this episode of Product Marketing Maestros: Tales From the Front Lines, host Nitin Kartik is joined by Sarah Din, VP of Product Marketing at Quickbase - a versatile platform for custom applications.

They discuss how Sarah and her team at Quickbase use a winning formula to position the company in a market that requires a more targeted, data-driven approach. 

Key takeaways:

  • Strategic data analysis: Nitin and Sarah highlight the importance of a structured and data-driven approach to product marketing. Sarah emphasizes the significance of delving deep into customer data, analyzing metrics, and creating a prioritization matrix to inform decisions on market segmentation and target audiences.
  • Internal alignment and cohesion: A critical outcome of the project is the emphasis on internal alignment across different functions within the organization. The success of product marketing initiatives depends not only on external messaging but also on ensuring that finance, sales, product, and marketing are cohesive and aligned to the chosen markets and strategies.
  • Balancing science and the art in decision-making: The episode also emphasizes the interplay between data-driven analysis (the science) and collaborative workshops and discussions (the art) in making strategic decisions. While data provides a foundation, the human element comes into play when cross-functional teams engage in workshops to finalize priorities and strategies, highlighting the importance of both structured analysis and subjective insights.

About Sarah Din

Sarah Din is a seasoned marketing strategist and a prominent figure in the field of product marketing. Currently serving as the Vice President of Product Marketing at QuickBase, Sarah brings over 17 years of extensive experience to the table.

Her remarkable career has seen her contribute to the success of internationally recognized brands, including her pivotal role at Survey Monkey, where she established herself as a technology and storytelling enthusiast.

Recognized as a top product marketing mentor in both 2022 and 2023, Sarah has made significant contributions to the industry. Her passion lies in developing strategic narratives and building high-performing teams. As a technology aficionado at heart, Sarah thrives in dynamic environments, consistently driving innovation and excellence.

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