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Replay your Rendezvous highlights

Metrics & OKRs | Growth | Leadership | Presentations

Aaaand it’s a wrap! 🎬

The curtain has officially been drawn on Product Marketing Rendezvous, our first virtual event of 2021. 🎉

And with a host of talks, expert-led presentations and fireside chats, panel discussions, as well as an innovative match-making session for job hunters and job seekers to round it all off, it’s been an event that’ll live long in the memory.

It went down like a house on fire. 🔥

Couldn’t join the action live? Shucks, that’s too bad. We’d have loved for you to join us and see the event play-out first-hand.

But let’s turn your frown upside down - ‘cos we’ve a whole bunch of content available OnDemand that’ll have you brimming with excitement.

Let’s lift the lid on the red-hot content waiting for you, right here, right now...

Check out:

What’s available on OnDemand?

We’ve collected the embarrassment of riches from the event and made it available for your viewing pleasure whenever, and wherever you see fit.

Watch it in the park. Watch it before bed - whatever you want, whatever you need, it’s all here waiting for you:

🎬 26 inspiring and informative talks, presentations, and fireside chats,

🎬 3 deep-dive panel discussions,

🎬 47 PMM thought-leaders.

(If you’re a PMA Member that is… 😏)

Yet to snap up a membership plan? Then you’ll wanna check out our plans, sign up, then sit back and relive the magic of PMA Rendezvous when you see fit - it’s too good to miss. Add the usual membership perks to the mix, it’s quite the bag of tricks. ⭐️

Think we’re pulling your leg? Check out some of the key takeaways from the event’s speakers; you’ll be scrambling to get your fix. 😉

Top takeaways from stellar talks

Q: What do you get from an event featuring an array of industry leaders?

A: A whole host of transferable takeaways to apply within your practice.

And Product Marketing Rendezvous certainly didn’t buck the trend - not by a long shot. 😏

During the event, our speakers treated the PMM community to the pearls of their wisdom; here’s a selection of some of the key learnings that came to fruition:

Anne Hollander, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Trimble & Jenny Carll, Product Marketing Manager at RealPage

During the fireside chat Showing Success in Product Marketing: Metrics, OKRs, Oh My!

Anne Hollander and Jenny Carll discussed how PMM teams can demonstrate success.

We gained a range of insights, including:

  • Show alignment to the strategic goals and outcomes of the organization,
  • Nail your metrics, data, and insights to demonstrate your value to your executive leadership,
  • Prove your performance and make expanding your team a no-brainer.

Tune in

And the fun and games didn’t stop there…

Maja Blazek, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Lemax

During the talk, In-Product Engagements – Lead Customers to the AHA! Moment - Drive Adoption, Retention, and Growth featuring Maja Blazek, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Lemax, we learned:

  • Instead of over-communicating, PMMs should emphasize their value, whilst being personal and contextual.
  • The importance of staying customer-centric and being supportive to your customers. It’s essential to be their partner and bring value. Don’t just brag about your novelties and your super cool features, but show possible impact.
  • Be creative, help your customer succeed, and love your product; who knows, maybe they’ll even become your product’s advocates and gladly recommend it to their friends. 🤷‍♂️

Check it out

Priscilla Tenggara, Product Marketing Manager at Sellics

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, many workspaces have been forced to shut during the last 12-months, with an increasing number of PMMs working remotely.

In her talk, Hired as a Remote PMM: Building Relationships, Influencing Cross-Functionally and Leading Virtually, Priscilla Tenggara, Product Marketing Manager at Sellics, focused on several essential areas, such as:

  • How to approach your first 30, 60, 90 days in a new, remote role,
  • Habits to ensure transparent communications and deadline-management techniques, and
  • Tips to increase visibility and build relationships.

Adapt your practice

Irit Schwartz, Product Marketing Manager at Facebook

With the pandemic at the forefront of the minds of the global population, the question’s been asked: what will product marketing look like in the so-called “new normal”?

Irit Schwarz, Product Marketing Manager at Facebook honed her focus on this area, offering a range of tips, and invaluable insights on how to adjust to a new way of living. Her advice included:

  • Lead with Empathy - We are all humans trying to navigate through this new way of working and living,
  • Given that PMMs possess strong communication and messaging skills, as well as serving as the knowledgebase for other teams in Sales, Marketing, and Product, Irin suggested we’re uniquely positioned to adapt to the "New Normal",
  • Cut through the noise and be ruthless when prioritizing; bundle to make information stand out and digestible.

Watch on-demand

Plus, a red-hot panel discussion…

We were very lucky to catch up with a quality quartet of product marketing maestros:

🔥 Swati Patel, Global Product Marketing and GTM at LinkedIn

🔥 Alicia Carney, Head of B2B Product Marketing at Deliveroo,

🔥 Shreya Kothari Sawala, Product Marketing Lead at Finturi,

🔥 Jonathan Maimon, Director of Product Marketing at Elementor

They exchanged views on the evolving role of a product marketer, how PMMs can influence senior leadership, and their role in cross-functional collaboration, with a fair few golden nuggets rising to the surface:

  • Whatever you're struggling with in your Product Marketing team, regardless of business size or geographies, you're not alone. The nature of our cross-functional role means a bit of extra ambiguity around where we sit, how we prioritize areas of focus, and how we consistently add value. This is normal and embracing the fluidity is part of the challenge!
  • Building empathy across teams is the secret sauce that PMMs are uniquely equipped to bring to the table. Business-wise, this translates to user satisfaction being considered as a commercial metric.
  • A key trick of influencing senior leadership is to focus on 1:1 stakeholder engagement and building buy-in before any big decision-making meetings. This works for anything from introducing new business cases to proposing a robust Go-To-Market Strategy.

Join the panel

Think that’s all we have hidden up our sleeves? You couldn’t be further from the truth.

PMA members: check out our catalog of content and prepare for a barrage of top-quality insights.

Non-members: there’s nothing worse than a bout of FOMO. 🤷‍♂️ Sign up and learn from the likes of Deliveroo, Facebook, Sage, Salesforce, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and many more.

Whether you’re catching up or tuning in for round two, fasten your seatbelts.

You’re in for quite the ride. 🎢

Written by:

Lawrence Chapman

Lawrence Chapman

Lawrence is our Copywriter here at PMA who loves crafting content to keep readers informed, entertained, and enthralled. He's always open to feedback and would be thrilled to hear from you!

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Replay your Rendezvous highlights