Sales Enablement Landscape Vol.2

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We’ve surveyed 250+ product marketers from globally recognized brands like LinkedIn, Adobe, Amazon, Google, TomTom (and a whole lot more 😏) and delivered Sales Enablement Landscape Vol.2, the latest addition to our collection of reports that'll help you:

✅  Improve your understanding of sales enablement assets
✅  Understand best practices for structuring your teams
✅  Identify how sales enablement teams are being supported
✅  Discover recommended tools to enhance your sales enablement efforts
✅  Unearth a wealth of sales enablement tips from industry experts  

We’ve delved into a whole host of topics, including:

🤷‍♂ Who owns sales enablement?
🤔 How much of the product marketing role is focused on sales enablement?
📝 Is product marketing responsible for creating sales assets?
🦠 How has COVID-19 affected sales enablement?
🤝 How are sales enablement teams being supported?
🛠 Which sales enablement tools are being used by PMMs?
💰 How much budget is spent on sales enablement?
🧠 Sales enablement tips

Add to that, there are pages and pages of juicy sales enablement stats to look forward to, like:

  • 33.3% of product marketers we spoke with don't have a dedicated sales enablement team, with no plans to introduce one in the future.
  • 64.6% of product marketers surveyed said they own sales enablement at their company.
  • 46.4% of product marketers who took part don't have a dedicated budget for sales enablement.

And with a string of transferable sales enablement tips added to the mix, this report's proof that a sequel can be better than an original.

What are you waiting for?