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We’re back for the third installment of a report that dives right into how product marketers and other sales enablement professionals are setting up their sales teams for success.

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We’ve delved into a whole host of topics…

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🤔 How sales and sales enablement teams are structured,

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A snapshot of what you can expect

Uncover incredible stats in this 60-page write-up that are guaranteed to change your perspective on sales enablement.

For example, did you know…

  • 92.2% of organizations have a sales team, leaving 3.9% respectively either in the process of creating one, or not having one at all. ‌‌
  • Over half of our respondents (51.6%) had 0 - 25 people in their sales teams.‌‌
  • More than one-quarter of people surveyed (39.8%) don’t have a sales enablement team - and have no plans to introduce one.‌‌
  • 24.3% of people said their annual budget falls between $0 and $25k, 6.8% said their budget was $26k-$50k, 8.7% fell into the $51k-$75k bracket, and 11.7% said their budget is over $100k. Meanwhile, 42.7% said they don’t have a sales enablement budget in place at all.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

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