Sales Enablement Landscape Vol. 3 survey

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Your chance to define the landscape of sales enablement from the last 12 months...

In the 2021 State of PMM report, 78% of PMMs said that they were responsible for creating sales collateral, proving that sales enablement (SE) is a vital function within the role.

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From the most effective assets to the best sales enablement tools on the market, the Sales Enablement Landscape report 2022 will cover ownership, metrics, and influence in equal measures to help you streamline your SE approach…

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The 3rd edition of our Sales Enablement Landscape report will provide updates on how SE processes have changed since 2021, including fresh advice, new or improved SE tools PMMs use, and upgraded knowledge on how to get your sales and PMM teams confident in carrying out sales enablement and sales responsibilities.

It’ll specifically hone in on:

  • Team structure,
  • Sales enablement assets,
  • How sales enablement teams are being supported,
  • The role of product marketing in sales enablement,
  • Sales enablement tools,
  • Budgeting, and
  • Sales enablement tips.
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