Interactive product demos have emerged as a game-changer, offering an immersive and engaging experience that captivates potential customers like never before. But as technology rapidly evolves, are you keeping pace?

Introducing: the State of the Interactive Product Demo 2024 report – your ultimate guide to mastering the art of interactive demos and staying ahead of the curve.

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⭐ In-depth analysis of the latest trends and technologies

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⭐ Best practices for creating immersive and engaging demos

⭐ Case studies showcasing successful interactive demo implementations

⭐ Actionable strategies for optimizing conversions and ROI

Key benefits of downloading the report

By downloading this report, you’ll be equipped to create memorable, interactive demos that highlight your products' differentiators, align with buyer needs, and showcase value and real-world impact. 

Utilize these findings to:

  • Discover the latest trends and technologies: Stay on the cutting edge with insights into emerging technologies, platforms, and best practices that will shape the future of interactive demos.
  • Understand evolving customer preferences: Gain a deep understanding of how customer behaviors and expectations seem to be changing, allowing you to tailor your demo strategies for maximum impact.
  • Identify untapped opportunities: Uncover new opportunities for creating unforgettable product experiences that drive engagement, conversions, and loyalty.
  • Optimize resource allocation: Make informed decisions about where to focus your investments, ensuring maximum return on your interactive demo efforts.
  • Benchmark and measure success: Access industry benchmarks and metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of your current demos and identify areas for improvement.

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Unlock key statistics like…

Use cases: 

  • Interactive demos are being used for a wider variety of use cases and by a larger audience. The average number of demos built by Navattic customers was 2x compared to 2023's report (20 per customer compared to 9 per customer).
  • Demos usage on websites has increased in popularity by almost 90% since 2022, for both PLG and Sales Led companies. 
  • New common use cases included interactive demos for feature launches, interactive demos embedded within a product, and sales enablement.


  • The highest-performing interactive demos are concise, inviting, and personalized. Try to tell a story that explains why this product will be valuable to your audience, instead of what your product does.
  • To tell more personalized interactive demos by persona or use case, consider a demo library. Demo libraries increased in popularity by 2.7x compared to 2023.


  • Ungated interactive demo CTAs such as “Take a Tour” or “Start Demo” are the most popular ways to deploy interactive demos. Top-performing interactive demos had these CTAs placed in a prominent spot on the website, such as above the fold or a navbar.
  • If you do need to gate your demo, consider gating it after step 5 to increase engagement and completion rates.

About our sponsor, Navattic

Navattic is an interactive, no-code, product demo creation platform. With Navattic, users can build demos that allow viewers to engage and click around, instead of passively watching a demo video. This makes it easier for companies to showcase their products to prospects in an exciting, hands-on way.

Rather than explaining a product conceptually, companies can use Navattic to build interactive demos that bring their products to life. Prospects can explore key features and flows just as they would in the real application. This interactivity captures attention and generates excitement in a way that passive video demos cannot.

A note from Navattic

“Over the past three years, there has been increased growth and interest in the interactive demo space. In particular around interactive demo best practices and benchmarks.
“This is our second year running this report - our first partnering with Product Marketing Alliance - to answer the most common questions we heard from customers and prospects over the last year.
“With more than 18,000 interactive demos built on our platform (a 6x increase from last year) - we looked at the top 1% to understand what top-performing interactive demos had in common.”