A little about Shirin

Shirin is a Product Marketing Leader and Consultant. Before setting out on her own, Shirin cut her product marketing teeth at large enterprise companies like Constant Contact and Brightcove.

It was at Brightcove that Shirin realized she wanted a change, at which point she left her Director of Product Marketing role to begin her career as an independent consultant.

As a consultant, Shirin works with small to midsize companies who are looking to set the foundation of product marketing within their teams. She also provides one-on-one coaching to product marketing professionals who are newer to their role and/or need more support, guidance, and goal setting for their specific function.

Key talking points

During their discussion, Shirin and host Mark Assini chat about the emergence of product marketing within the consultant space, where and when product marketing consultants tend to offer the most value to clients, and the unique challenges that come with running your own consulting practice.

Wanna get involved?

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