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The growing role of fintech at SaaS businesses | Edward Ramsden, Clio


A little bit about Edward

In this episode of Product Marketing Life, Mark Assini is joined by Edward Ramsden, Payments Product Marketing Manager at Clio.

Before joining Clio, Edward owned and operated a successful lawn care business for seven years. It’s through that business that he pursued his first product marketing role at Jobber.

For three years, Edward was the product marketing manager for Jobber’s emerging fintech offering, during which he and Mark met when Mark joined Jobber earlier this year. Now at Clio, Edward finds himself leading the fintech charge yet again, this time for Clio’s payments solution.

Key talking points

Mark and Edward explore the growing role that fintech is now playing at many SaaS businesses across the globe.

They also discuss how product marketing has had an impact on how these SaaS businesses adopt and go to market with new fintech offerings, which is where product marketers like Mark and Edward have found themselves today in their respective roles.

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Charley Gale

Charley Gale

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The growing role of fintech at SaaS businesses | Edward Ramsden, Clio