With the Product Marketing Festival one week away (not that we’re counting 😏 ), we’re bracing ourselves for an influx of insights from the leading lights in the PMM world.

Product marketers attending our annual celebration of excellence will be treated to an array of presentations from global specialists, with Robert Carpenter, Head of Marketing and Growth at Demostack set to take to the virtual stage to discuss ways PMMs can accelerate revenue with tailored demos.

Suffice it to say, he knows the subject like the back of his hand. 😉

Demostack is the first Demo Experience Platform built to give revenue teams complete control, customization, and insight over demoing their product.

Having previously led marketing at category-defining customer engagement technology companies, Robert has first-hand experience of how powerful authentic and personalized customer experiences can be for driving a business forward; he’s an advocate and teacher of demo-led growth and revenue acceleration and knows the topic inside and out.

Q: Could you give us an insight into what Demostack does and what you offer your customers?

A: “Demostack is a tool that enables sales teams, marketing teams, and any other revenue or customer-facing team, to create tailored demos of their products in minutes with no code.

“We give customers complete control and insight over how their company demos products. There is no longer a reliance on an engineering team to create a demo environment, or waiting weeks for a custom demo to be created - Demostack helps teams do this in minutes.

Q: What are some of the key benefits of using product demos, but in particular, custom-tailored demos?

A: “The objective of a product demo is to help prospects see themselves using and achieving value, and solving problems unique to them with your product. Tailored demos make that easier.

“It's similar to how personalized marketing assets are used to resonate more with an audience to improve click-through and conversion rates. Similarly, tailored demos help prospects resonate and connect with the product better, because the product and content within it are tailored to them.

“With tailored demos, prospective customers don't have to guess and hope that the product will do what they need. The demo just shows them that it does.”

Q: Product demos have traditionally been reserved for sales teams, but how can they be used to help product marketers?

A: “There’s a lot of traditional thinking out there about what a demo is, and when to give one. So it's very traditional to see demos only happen to support the sales function, usually later on as a deal progresses, post going through discovery questioning

“Here at Demostack, we want to challenge that perspective, broaden the conversation about what a demo is, and talk about how companies can better leverage product in general, throughout their business conversations, and throughout their customer touchpoints.

“We think there's a lot of use cases specifically for product marketing. If product marketers can create demos with content and features tailored to specific personas, or use micro demos focused on specific use cases, we see a huge opportunity there for product marketing.

“These tailored demos can be used for lead generation, sales enablement, as well as customer research. The use cases for when and how to use demos really opens up when you have control and analytics over what is demoed and can personalize everything.”

Q: With demos supporting customer insight and research into how people are using products etc, how do you see product marketers really utilizing that?

A: “Enabling product marketers to personalize products gives them all sorts of ways to share products with customers, get more and better feedback, and get clearer insights because they won’t just be seeing your product, they'll be seeing themselves and their specific problems being solved in your product.

“Tailored demos help prospective customers resonate with a product and understand its value more tangibly than traditional marketing assets like PDFs and even videos. When personalized product is in their hands, or at least delivered on a call, providing feedback is much easier - and the quality of the feedback is better.

“With Demostack, you can create tailored demos and also share them by URL. No more having to create an account for prospects to explore with zero content within it or requiring the prospect to invite others in their org to do the same if they want to check out the product as well. Prospects and anyone else in their org can engage with the product on their own and provide feedback asynchronously.”

Q: We're super excited to be partnering with you, not only at the upcoming Product Marketing Festival but throughout the rest of 2021 too. What’s excites you guys about partnering with the PMA?

A: “We believe product becoming more leveraged and personalized within our human touchpoints with prospects and customers is the next iteration of product-like growth.

“We're excited to introduce these ideas, concepts, and new possibilities to the Product Marketing Alliance, as well as the wider product marketing community, to help PMMs get ahead of the curve on some of these things. We’re also super excited to collaborate and gain insight from PMA and the community on new ways to leverage product to drive growth.”

Q: And you're going to be hosting a keynote session at the Product Marketing Festival. What people can expect from your session?

A: “We’re so excited to be at the Product Marketing Festival. We’re going to introduce this next iteration of product-like growth. Product lead growth 2.0, or as we call it, demo-led revenue acceleration.

“Then, we’ll dive into specific use cases and strategies product marketers can use to leverage demos to drive more leads, gain more customer insight, and contribute more revenue to the company.

Get your ticket for the Product Marketing Festival, taking place June 14th - 18th, and tune into Robert’s presentation on tailored demos, June 16th, 2:30pm ET.

🧠 Learn how product-led growth can be deployed throughout the customer journey using no-code tailored demos.
🧠 See how tailored product demos can enable easier and more insightful customer research and discovery.
🧠 Learn how to create before and after visual product stories that compel visitors to opt-in and leads to convert.
🧠 Learn when and how to leverage public demos, micro demos, and other types of tailored demos.

It’s gonna be awesome. 🔥