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From B-series to IPO, selling underperforming assets to acquiring and integrating new businesses, product marketing has a critical role to play for successful M&A.

In this session, Axel and Max will discuss what it takes to be deal-ready. Tips and tricks to be more in control of the uncertainties of M&A.

Axel is currently VP Product Marketing, Content Marketing & Pricing at Datasite.

Be it on the selling, buying or fundraising side. We will cover KPIs to monitor, metrics to drive and the soft skills it takes to be part of the discussions.

About the speaker

Axel is a seasoned marketing and subscription expert with over 15 years’ experience in large- and mid-cap SaaS fintech.

His accolades include achieving the product marketing trinity of Gartner MQ leader placement, ‘SiriusDecision Portfolio Marketer of the year award’ and membership of the ‘PMA’s top 50 product marketers to watch’ list.

His remit at Datasite, the leader in M&A lifecycle software, includes product marketing, competitive and market intelligence as well as pricing.

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