Discover pivotal insights into how product marketers implement and handle their competitive enablement (CE) approach, especially when enabling revenue teams.

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The State of Competitive Enablement report contains data from PMMs worldwide and has invaluable advice from leading experts from the likes of Klue, Highspot, Adjust, Legit Security, and more.

Why do you need this report?

This report is instrumental in helping you to identify how to streamline your own CE process, which will ultimately enable you to spend less time worrying about competitors, customers, and profits, knowing you have a team of sales experts who can also effectively carry out competitive analysis. 🔥

Look forward to a range of intel…

We've asked a vast range of competitive enablement questions, analyzed the data, and delivered an eye-opening report filled to the brim with CE intel, focusing on the following topics:

📈 Growth of competition

💻 Remote working

📝 Increased buyer education

✅ Impact of change on PMMs

🤐 Enablement difficulties

💰Proof of ROI

Here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect:

  • 88.8% of respondents agreed that the market is becoming more competitive, 11.2% said it had stayed the same, and no participants believed that it had decreased in competition at all.
  • Despite this increased competitiveness within the market, only 31.5% of product marketers believe their organization’s CE team has grown.
  • 74.2% said that the sales team is their primary user of competitive intelligence (CI), with product marketing at a distant second at 13.5%.
  • Only 12.4% of respondents said that buyers weren’t often asking questions about their competitors.
  • Interestingly, most of our participants (47.2%) shared that their sales reps only asked for support with up to 20% of deals.
  • On average, PMMs ranked their distribution process of competitive content a 4.6/10.

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