Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could line our customers up, throw on a pair of magic goggles, and read all of their minds? Imagine the insights you could collect to influence your entire product marketing strategy!

Well, we might not have magic but we do have a Consumer Psychology Certified course to help you… which is pretty much the same thing. 😏

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Course overview

Consumer psychology, or customer psychology, is the field of understanding why we buy and consume. It includes the choices we make, how we make them, what influences us, whether we purchase something or not, how social dynamics play a role, and much more.

And it doesn’t stop at just purchases. It also helps us understand how customers spend their time, attention, and other resources. Any kind of consumption is covered.

If you work in marketing, your job is to get people to buy more of something or do more of something. Without consumer psychology expertise, a piece of the puzzle will always be missing.

The Consumer Psychology Certified: Masters course delves into the fascinating and intrinsic relationship between consumer psychology and product marketing approaches. It’ll take you through important topics like what is consumer psychology, what is the importance of consumer behavior, what affects consumer behavior, and how consumer psychology is used by marketers.

Led by Alex Chahin, Senior Director of Product Marketing at hims & hers, you’ll learn how to tap into consumer psychology and reap the rewards of applying knowledge around behavioral economics to your product marketing strategies.

By the end of this course you'll:

✅ Have a definition of consumer psychology in marketing and how advertising affects consumer behavior.

✅ Better understand how to group pain and gain points.

✅ Understand how personal factors and individual differences affect people's buying choices.

✅ Be able to identify what your customer’s default action is.

✅ Understand how environmental variables such as friends, family, media, culture, and competitors influence buying decisions.

✅ Understand what motivates people to choose one product over another.

✅ Learn how to identify what’s going to get your customers fired up and talking.

Meet your instructor

Alex is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at hims & hers.

He previously worked at the leading ride-sharing app, Lyft, climbing the ranks from Product Marketing Manager to Senior Product Marketing Manager to Head of Core Rider Product Marketing. He also has names like American Express and Fisher-Price under his professional belt.

Quite the resume, huh? We’ll be leaving you in very capable hands.

What’s included when I enroll?

👨🏼‍💻 4+ hours of course content.

🔥 Evidence-backed concepts, real-world case studies, and actionable ideas that you can apply in your daily work.

168 exam questions to consolidate the course curriculum.

👌 Lifetime access to all the course’s content - including future updates.

🧠 Facility to ask text-based questions throughout, all of which are answered by a PMM leader.

🔖 Official certification if you pass all the exams.

⏳ 100% self-paced - learn at a time and pace that works for you.

Within the course you’ll:

🧠 Look at how to influence behavior pre-purchase or before the moment of consumption works, through things like memorability and the power of emotion.

🧠 Deep dive into how you can influence behavior during the moment of purchase or consumption through ideas like choice architecture, the principles of persuasion, and the psychology of pricing.

🧠 Look at shaping behavior post-purchase or moment of consumption, through things like habit formation, goal setting, and generating word of mouth.

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