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Using customer insight to fuel your work and your visibility

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Understand how you can gather valuable insight for your work, drive strategy for cross functional teams and gain visibility, and all in a day's work.

A key function of product marketing is being the voice of the customer but while this is often said it's important to think about how you can practically bring the customer into everything you do.

By working with different teams like UXR, product, sales and growth and leveraging your position at the center of multiple functions, you can drive big impact and earn cross-functional trust.

Learn how to be a strategic driver, convey the value of product marketing, gain stakeholder trust and do great work without compromising your day-to-day responsibilities. Use customer insight to:

  • Influence roadmap decisions
  • Develop sharp positioning
  • Align messaging to customer needs
  • Tell the brand story
  • Identify growth opportunities

About the speaker

Emma Shanahan is a Senior Product Marketing Manager on the Shop team at Shopify. With experience across enterprise, freemium and now consumer product marketing, she has a broad range of product marketing experience. One of the benefits of working across different organization types is understanding how product marketing should adapt based on the audience at hand and how to best leverage that insight internally and externally.

Before Shop, Emma led product marketing at Later when she gained a deep understanding of product marketing fundamentals through building out the function.

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Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance

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Using customer insight to fuel your work and your visibility