In this episode, host Mark Assini is joined by Jessica Andrews, VP of Marketing at Copper.

During their chat, Jessica shares how she and a group of individuals at Copper brought their newest product, Wyndy, to market.

She explains how ICP research helped to drive the decision to launch a new product, and how she and the team navigated entering a new customer segment.

Introducing Jessica Andrews

Jessica has recently taken on the role of VP of Marketing after spending the bulk of her career dedicated to product marketing.

In fact, she credits her time in product marketing as one of the primary reasons she was able to take on the leadership position she currently holds.

Today, Jessica and the team at Copper offer the only Google-recommended CRM that helps teams build better relationships to drive lasting revenue.

Key talking points

  • The genesis of the idea behind Wyndy and the role product marketing played in deciding to bring it to life.
  • How ICP research was used when taking Wyndy to market, and learnings Jessica would apply to future ICP research.
  • How Jessica and the product marketing team differentiated Wyndy from established alternatives in the market.
  • Key learnings from the launch of Wyndy - and what Jessica would do differently if she had the opportunity to do it again.