In this episode of Product Marketing Life, Collin sits down with the 3 the boys behind the We’re Not Marketers podcast: Eric Holland, Gab Bujold, and Zach Roberts.

They chat all about hot takes, including the hot take that started it all: Product Marketers are not marketers.

Key takeaways

  • What their day to day jobs look like
  • The story of how We're Not Marketers began
  • The important question: Are product marketers marketers?
  • Product marketing hot takes

About our guests

Zach Roberts, Co-Host of We're Not Marketers and PMM consultant

Zach is a product marketing expert with a unique background in B2B SaaS sales and finance. After five years in sales, he transitioned to product marketing in 2020, combining his skills in relationship-building, data analysis, and storytelling.

Through his consultancy, Break Into Product Marketing, Zach helps B2B marketing leaders in SaaS bridge the gap between marketing and sales teams. He specializes in transforming complex product features into clear, compelling value propositions that resonate with buyers and drive conversions.

Zach's approach focuses on creating tailored marketing strategies that make customers feel understood, ultimately helping companies attract quality leads and close more deals.

Eric Holland, Co-Host of We're Not Marketers and current consultant at Klue

Eric is a seasoned marketing professional with a diverse background in product marketing, sales enablement, and entrepreneurship. He currently serves as a Product Marketing Consultant at Klue, leveraging his expertise in creative content creation and product marketing strategies.

As the founder and CEO of In Touch Prints, Eric leads a socially conscious apparel company that combines bold styles with charitable giving. His experience includes roles as Senior Product Marketing Manager at CureMint, Inc.® and Sales Enablement Manager at LucidLink, where he honed his skills in customer insight, brand positioning, and analytical thinking.

Eric's versatile skill set spans marketing strategy, Adobe Creative Suite, and sales enablement, making him a valuable asset in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments.

Gab Bujold, Co-Host of We're Not Marketers and consultant

Gab is a B2B tech marketing expert specializing in helping startups navigate the complex Martech landscape. As the host of "We're Not Marketers" podcast, he emphasizes the crucial role of product positioning and messaging in go-to-market strategies.

Gab believes that refined messaging accounts for 28% of the conversion equation and focuses on transforming "good enough" value propositions into compelling narratives that drive results. With his expertise, he empowers B2B tech startups to overcome common growth obstacles and achieve tangible traction in their target markets.

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